Long Term Care Planning: Start the conversation and create the plan that works for you and your loved ones.

Initiating a discussion about the potential long-term care options with aging relatives can be awkward. Many people assume that nursing homes are the only choice and refuse to consider them on principle. No one really wants to pay strangers to care for them in their final years! But there are many reasons to have the conversation:

  • Your loved ones can provide input to a plan for their own care
  • Care choices can vary over time as health status changes
  • Pre-planning allows time to identify sources of funding including savings and long term care insurance
  • Your loved ones may actually be relieved to know that a plan for their final years is in place
  • You can suggest that Powers of Attorney and other medical directives be created before any medical emergencies occur

Beginning the Conversation

Your discussion will generate the best results if it is non-confrontational. You might begin by asking some questions that demonstrate your concern:

  • “I've done an estate plan and made some decisions about what to do should I become ill or disabled and I wondered if you have made similar plans?”
  • “Who do you want to help you manage your finances and your medical care if you cannot do it yourself?”
  • “Have you put any of your wishes in writing?”
  • “Of all the long term care options available, which would you choose if you can no longer care for yourself?”

Listen to the concerns, show that you understand them, and show respect for their decisions. Return to the discussion over time until you are sure that everyone is willing to put plans are in place.

What Happens Next?

The best plans are those that are agreeable to everyone involved and they should be put in writing.  If there is hesitancy on the part of the parents or loved ones to either initiate a discussion or finalize plans, you might consider family or elder mediation. Hiring an outside mediator to navigate tough topics, like long term care planning, is becoming a preferred option for many families. 

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